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JPMorgan Chase

JPMORGAN CHASE Financial banks

The bank through its subsidiaries manages $ 1.8 trillion in customer assets as of June 30, 2017. JPMorgan Chase renders trust to institutional clients through its subsidiary J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc. with assets of $ 1.3 trillion. In 2015, JPMorgan Chase took 6th place in the list of the largest investment companies in the world in terms of assets under management ($ 1.723 trillion).

In 2004, JPMorgan Chase formed a joint company with the British brokerage firm Cazenove, which was named J.P. Morgan Cazenove. In 2010, the American conglomerate bought out the rest of the British company.

The size of the depositary assets is $ 22.1 trillion, the size of the assets under administration is $ 4.1 trillion, the assets under management are $ 2 trillion as of June 30, 2017.

Information about the investors case

The income for the whole period is: 30%

The total revenue is: 5.2% in the day

The investment period is: 25 days

The minimum and maximum amount: 50$ - 3000$

The dividend is calculated: Daily

Return of the principal amount of investments: Included in Payouts 4%

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