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The bank began to develop rapidly and became dominant not only in Hong Kong, but also in the Far East in general. By the end of the first decade of his work, he had representations in seven countries of Asia, Europe and North America: Yokohama (1866), Calcutta (1867), Bombay (1869), Saigon (1870), Kobe (1870), Osaka 1872), Manila (1875), San Francisco (1875). The Bank financed international trade in tea, silk, cotton, sugar and silver. From the first year of its existence, he started printing Hong Kong paper money, and also printed money from China, Thailand, Singapore, Penang and Japan. An important line of activity has been the placement of government loans, primarily the Chinese government.

The market capitalization of the bank as of May 2015 is $ 167.7 billion. As of the end of 2014, the company had 216,000 shareholders in 127 countries and territories.

Information about the investors case

The income for the whole period is: 35%

The total revenue is: 1.4% in the day

The investment period is: 25 days

The minimum and maximum amount: 100$ - 5000$

The dividend is calculated: Daily

Return of the principal amount of investments: On Day 25

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