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ABN AMRO BANK Financial banks

In 2007, ABN AMRO was bought by a consortium of banks consisting of RBS, Fortis bank and Banco Santander. As a result of the financial crisis and the problems that the consortium and Fortis had in particular, the Dutch government in 2008 gained control over all Fortis operations in the Netherlands, including the part of ABN AMRO owned by Fortis.

The remaining parts of ABN AMRO, especially foreign business, were merged with RBS and Banco Santander, sold or closed. On July 1, 2010, the merger between ABN AMRO Bank and Fortis Bank Nederland was completed with the creation of a structure called ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

The group serves about 20 million customers, including 550 transnational corporations. The shares of ABN Amro Holding holding are listed on stock exchanges, the market capitalization is about 55 billion dollars.

Information about the investors case

The income for the whole period is: 20%

The total revenue is: 6% in the day

The investment period is: 20 days

The minimum and maximum amount: 10$ - 2000$

The dividend is calculated: Daily

Return of the principal amount of investments: Included in Payouts 5%

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